Have you discovered the power of Guided Meditation?

Updated: May 19, 2020

Many people who struggle with anxiety always say the same thing when I ask them whether they’ve tried to meditate.

“ I haven’t got time to meditate “


“I tried meditation, it just wasn’t for me”

This is what I used to think before I tried a guided meditation.

Before, I believed meditating meant sitting in an uncomfortable crossed legged position with your eyes closed whilst you tried to think about absolutely nothing.

When I tried to do this my mind would be buzzing with everything that was going on in my life. This didn’t exactly make me feel relaxed.

However, after visiting a hypnotherapist, I was introduced to a new form of meditation that completely changed everything. Instead of being left to spiral into my own thoughts I was now guided into a relaxing space by a calming voice.

Every night, around half an hour before going to sleep, I would grab my headphones and my phone and I would search for ‘relaxation guided meditation’ or ‘confidence guided meditation’ and then just press play.

Usually, I would fall asleep around 10 minutes in and then the meditation would do its work while I slept.

Instead of scrolling through my phone before I tried to go to sleep I could now do something relaxing which I could fit in even when I was busy.

I understand how you feel if you are currently struggling with anxiety or stress and I know that you are probably looking for the quickest and easiest way possible to relieve the tension you are feeling.

The great thing about guided meditation is that it has lasting benefits. In the beginning, it will help you feel calmer and release some of the tension you’re feeling. However, as you continue to practice this technique you can tailor it to developing new skills.

If you’ve never tried guided meditation before or you want to give it another go then I have the perfect free downloadable worksheet for you!

You can identify what is causing you stress, collect your favourite meditations and track the days you have managed to meditate.

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